Increase Productivity, decrease costs

Impact on

The fuelAI system is the next evolution in marketing automation, it increases productivity by hundreds of hours and saves you hundreds of thousands of dollars by truly scaling the efficiency and impact of your team.


Lead Enters the System

• Manually uploaded or directly linked to ad forms

AI Messaging Begins

Coordinated, unified, multi-touch flows communicating via text, email, chat Facebook messenger voicemail, and video

AI Qualifies, Schedules, and Remindes

• Taking the messaging we set the focus points of the outreach, the channel for the outreach, and the frequency to drive response rates

Sales Engages the Opportunity

• Manages meetings and does what they do best, SELL

AI Nurtures & Follows Up

• Coordinated unified, multi-touch flows using all available mediums and scheduled follow up meetings

Contract Is Sent, AI coordinates

• Coordinated with sales the contract is sent, if reminders are needed the AI messages to keep top-of-mind

Win the Business

• AI Welcomes the client and supports the purchase flow

AI Engages for Onboarding

Delight through personalized gratitude, gather feedback, and consistent customer outreach 

AI Engages for Promoter Growth

• Delight through personalized gratitued, gather feedback, consistent customer outreach.


Let the AI warm, nurture, and follow up on your opportunities no matter what you are doing. Your biggest investment is time. As much as you would like to you cannot clone yourself. If your team is prospecting, then they are not actively closing, of they are closing, they are not actively following up. Now fuelAI will bring true duplication as we communicate, comprehend, respond, and schedule your leads preparing them for your sales meeting.


Get fuelAI to do the busy work of following up and tracking down your clients. No matter if you are onboarding, processing payments, or providing continuing education, tracking down a client is the bulk of the workload. fuelAI will do the chasing for you, while your team focuses on delivering a top-quality experience.


Your clients need to start to promote you. fuelAI helps to gather customer experience feedback, source customer testimonials, improve your online reputation, and gain referrals. Impress your clients by providing what they think are personal messages to celebrate special dates or anniversaries.

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